"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to understand what you see and why the universe exists. Be curious." Stephen Hawking


Meteoric mineral or product of lightning?

Outer space is riddled with mysteries that mankind has not yet been able to unravel during its existence. Alongside the unsolved mysteries, where we will have to make do with theories alone, there are the tangible pieces of the puzzle that fall on the surface of our home planet. I'm referring, of course, to meteorites. Mysteries in general have interested me since I was a kid, and even though I'm already slowly getting into cosmic mineralogy, meteorites, their formation, origin and composition are still a great fascination to me. For my third article on RuniverzuM, I decided to focus on the mineral Schreibersite, which is mainly found in meteorites.

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Membership in I. M. C. A.

My journey to become a member of the prestigious worldwide association of meteorite collectors https://imca.cc/ officially began on 12. 6. 2022 with the submission of my application. Approximately three weeks later, on 4. 7. 2022, I received word that the Board of Directors had voted to approve my application.

I became a member of the I. M. C. A. No. 4043!!!

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Introduction to RuniverzuM

I decided to dedicate the introductory article on my website to frequently asked questions. General awareness of meteorites and interesting things about them are still hidden from most people. That is why I have decided to devote articles to them on my site as well. 

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